Cloud Computing (SaaS) My Go Tutorial

Pub/Sub Messaging Basics

In modern cloud architecture, applications are decoupled into smaller, independent building blocks that are easier to develop, deploy and maintain. Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) messaging provides instant event notifications for these distributed applications.  

The Publish Subscribe model allows messages to be broadcast to different parts of a system asynchronously. To broadcast a message, a component called a publisher simply pushes a message to the topic. push them out immediately to all subscribers. All components that subscribe to the topic will receive every message that is broadcast, unless a message filtering policy is set by the subscriber.

here, the user service publishes an event stating that a new user has just been created. Other services can now subscribe to this event and are notified whenever a new user has been created. These architectures usually require the use of a special infrastructure component: the message broker. This component accepts published messages and routes them to their subscribers (typically using a queue as intermediate storage).