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Go (1.15.6 or later) Installation and Setup in Windows 10 (Fresh Install)

Official Go download page, this link gives you more option to choose from OS platform and OS architecture x86-64 build. And you can use the go build command parameter to building a binary for an application that can run for CPU of x86 (386) and x86-64.


Open the MSI file you downloaded and follow the prompts to install Go. The default folder used is C:/go. Or choose any folder that Windows 10 security may not ask for an administrator password for install programs/files using that folder path.

System Environment variable created by MSI installer

GOPATH C:\Users\loginname\go

Note: loginname is the user name to Window login

PATH C:\Go\bin


Launch a windows terminal, type go version

go version go1.15.6 windows/amd64 output confirmed go installation has been successful. Otherwise, use the Windows Control panel app -> Programs find go1.15.6 has been program has been installed.


Google, Go forum, and Stackoverflow for assistance.