Flutter Installation on Linux (Manjaro)

Software Requirements

  1. Flutter SDK
  2. Phone Emulator (Andriod or IOS)
  3. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    1. Android Studio 3.x
    2. Visual Studio Code
    3. Intellij Community Edition
  4. Plugins

Launch the GUI pacman, on the seach dialog type “flutter”

Note: the flutter package comes from AUR repository, may sure you enable AUR setting at the GUI pacman’s preference menu.

Select the checkbox next the flutter description

Select ‘Apply’ button to initiate the installation of flutter.

Install Plugins

Android studios required Flutter and Dart to be installed to work with Flutter projects. Use The Android Studio Plugins Menu for installation of Flutter and Dart plugins.

Docker installation on Linux

OS requirements
To install Docker CE, you need a maintained version of CentOS 7. Archived versions aren’t supported or tested.

The centos-extras repository must be enabled.

Install required packages. yum-utils provides the yum-config-manager utility, and device-mapper-persistent-data and lvm2 are required by the devicemapper storage driver.

$ sudo yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2

Use the following command to set up the stable repository.

The overlay2 storage driver is recommended

$ sudo yum-config-manager –add-repo https://download.docker.com/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo

Install the latest version of Docker CE and containerd, or go to the next step to install a specific version:

$ sudo yum install docker-ce docker-cecli containerd.io

If prompted to accept the GPG key, verify that the fingerprint matches 060A 61C5 1B55 8A7F 742B 77AA C52F EB6B 621E 9F35, and if so, accept it.

Common Git commands

git init

git add .

git commit -m “your message”

git remote add origin “http://github.com/your_account_name

git push origin master

#Not a command but where git command working repository folder

(dot) git

Install and Setup Visual Code Studio for Go

Install of Go plugin (Microsoft)

  • Click on the Extension
  • On the search Extension box, type “Go”
  • The search result will show “Go ms-vscode.go”
    • Description “Rich Go language support for Visual Studio code”
  • Select “Go ms-vscode.go”
  • Select “install”
  • On the VSC main menu, choose the “View” tab
  • At the prompt, type “Go”
    • At the search result, choose “Go:Install/Update Tools”
    • Put a check mark next to the “Select the tool to install/update” to select all tools and click ‘OK’
    • Output box will show a list of tools being installed and ended with the message “succeded”. Final message “All tools successfully installed. You’re are ready to Go :).
  • Continue the VSC’s Command Palette
    • At the Command Palette, type Shell
    • On the list of options, select “Shell Command: Install ‘code’ command in the PATH

Command Line

In VS 2017, you can find MASM executables at the following locations: