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Install and Setup Visual Code Studio for Go

Install of Go plugin (Microsoft)

  • Click on the Extension
  • On the search Extension box, type “Go”
  • The search result will show “Go ms-vscode.go”
    • Description “Rich Go language support for Visual Studio code”
  • Select “Go ms-vscode.go”
  • Select “install”
  • On the VSC main menu, choose the “View” tab
  • At the prompt, type “Go”
    • At the search result, choose “Go:Install/Update Tools”
    • Put a check mark next to the “Select the tool to install/update” to select all tools and click ‘OK’
    • Output box will show a list of tools being installed and ended with the message “succeded”. Final message “All tools successfully installed. You’re are ready to Go :).
  • Continue the VSC’s Command Palette
    • At the Command Palette, type Shell
    • On the list of options, select “Shell Command: Install ‘code’ command in the PATH