Using Map with Examples

Read Me First Refer to the Go Language Specification documentation for map type. A copy of the map type specification posted on this website. MapType = “map” “[” KeyType “]” ElementType . KeyType = Type . Type = TypeName | TypeLit | “(” Type “)” Map build-in function len() Syntax : keyword [ key type… Continue reading Using Map with Examples

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TinyGO (Windows platform)

A Go compiler for microcontrollers (such as Espressif (ESP8266/ESP32), Arduino (Arduino Uno -Atmega),  BBC microbit ARM Cortex-M0 ) Windows 10 Setup

Go Environment – GOPATH

$GOPATH specifies the top-level directory containing source code for all our Go projects, this directory is known as Go Workspace The default value of $GOPATH /home/username/go in Linux Distribution platform. On Windows platform is /user/username/go. On the /home/username/go folder our Go workspace sub-folders must have the following which our task it create three (3) new… Continue reading Go Environment – GOPATH