Hashing Algorithm

Application of hash algorithm: a fingerprint on a file so you can tell whether it has been altered, and the second is to conceal passwords so you can still recognize the correct password and enable login. SHA256 of the crypto algorithm used in bitcoin, blockchain ledger. Example: Hello World! string input into the SHA256 function… Continue reading Hashing Algorithm

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Windows Subsystem Linux 2

What is WSL 2? WSL2 was announced at Microsoft Build 2019. WSL2 features a Linux kernel running inside Windows 10 and is built on the core technology of Hyper-V to provide better Linux application support and improved file performance. WSL 2 Installation Guide https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-win10 The process of enabling WSL 2 on Windows 10 is this:… Continue reading Windows Subsystem Linux 2

Web Penetration Test (WIP)

OWASP Web Security Testing Guide https://github.com/OWASP/wstg/blob/master/document/2-Introduction/README.md#Penetration-Testing https://github.com/OWASP/wstg/blob/master/document/3-The_OWASP_Testing_Framework/0-The_Web_Security_Testing_Framework.md https://owasp.org/www-project-web-security-testing-guide/

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