Interface Type

Interface names conventions By convention, one-method interfaces are named by the method name plus an -er suffix. Define an interface type It start with the keyword “type” follow by the interface name (ended with -er). Begin of a block of code symbol “{“, the function name (eg. Greeting() function and return a string ). One… Continue reading Interface Type

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Go (1.15.6 or later) Installation and Setup in Windows 10 (Fresh Install)

Official Go download page, this link gives you more option to choose from OS platform and OS architecture x86-64 build. And you can use the go build command parameter to building a binary for an application that can run for CPU of x86 (386) and x86-64. Install Open the MSI file you downloaded and… Continue reading Go (1.15.6 or later) Installation and Setup in Windows 10 (Fresh Install)

Range Over Slice and Map  go build ./main1 -> shan kuo2 -> Hoi Leng3 -> Choi Yan4 -> Evelyn Chan

Literals in Regular Expression

Literals are the simplest form of pattern matching in regular expressions. They will simply succeed whenever that literal is found. func Match ¶ func Match(pattern string, b []byte) (matched bool, err error) Match reports whether the byte slice b contains any match of the regular expression pattern. Example Code Go Playground Resources go doc regexp/syntax